Meet Karalee and Kevin Cowart! By Rhea R Graham

Naturally, I felt concern about finding the right people to continue the
magic at Albany’s Canna Kitchen & Research and The ACKR Clinic upon my
decision to retire. Not everyone understands the beauty of the Cannabis plant, or
enjoys working with patients to rid them of pain or the inability to sleep, an
addiction, or many other conditions such as cancer.
Imagine the lift in my spirits when I received an email that asked if the
rumor of my retirement was true and for details of taking over for me! We met
the following evening and things have been rolling right along. I knew from the
one friend we had in common on Facebook that Karalee and Kevin were a literal
Karalee and Kevin knew of me because of the immense change in their
close friend whom I was able to help off Opioids and other prescription drugs.
They didn’t want that change to revert with my retirement.
What I find most exciting is that they will to continue to help the same
patients I help, using the same methods and procedures. My patients will
seamlessly continue to receive the same medicine in the same doses they are
used to; new patients will be welcomed as well. I am relieved that I won’t have to
worry about all those who need the help they receive from us at ACK&R.
For those who are unsure what it is we do here, we have a doctor we
schedule three times per month to see those who need to get or renew their
Oregon Medical Marijuana Program (OMMP) card. We also educate about how
to use Cannabis as Medicine and offer caregiver services to some patients who
are unable or unwilling to make their own Smokeless Cannabis Remedies. It’s
I am also delighted to share that Erica has committed to staying and
continuing to run the office, she is so valuable to us and we all appreciate her
greatly. All who have met her sing praises of what a wonderful job she does, and
they are right!

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