We began as a mother and daughter team who have come across a wonderful way of helping people in the medical Cannabis community to go smokeless and have grown from there. We prefer to refer to the plant as Cannabis … there is, after all, no such thing as a marijuana plant in any horticulture book; but there are plenty mentions of Cannabis Sativa!

We now help educate the public and consult on how to use Cannabis converted into Smokeless Remedies … you don’t have to smoke your cannabis any longer, and the THC doesn’t have to make you high! ¬†Capsules, tinctures, salves, suppositories and more can all be made to meet your needs to any strength. ¬†Amazing, isn’t it?!

If you do not have your OMMP card yet, we can help you get scheduled to see our doctor. Are you looking for a qualified doctor who cares about your health to sign for your card based on your verified condition?

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