The only thing constant in life is change.


01 September 2023
The lovely Rhea Graham has moved on to retire (well deserved), and us here at ACKR are happy to be able to continue serving our community in her absence! Karalee and Kevin Cowart are an amazing team who have taken on Rhea’s mission in providing OMMP services and thoughtfully crafted smokeless cannabis remedies.

13 July 2017

Continuing onward and forward… We have closed Gramsterdam (the dispensary) and are working to get our state license to process at Albany’s Canna Kitchen & Research, LLC.  We are continuing our OMMP clinic so patients are able to get or renew their OMMP card.   Thank you all for your continued support!

If you have an appointment and it’s snowy or icy … please call first to be sure we’re open.  If you don’t have an appointment, you need to call and make one!  We change the message if we are closed due to weather.  I will also post here and/or on our Facebook page which you will find if you click <— over there where it says “our Facebook page”.  Have you liked our Facebook page yet? You’ll want to so you will get updates.  Please note, appointments are now required, we’re getting busier and we can give you the best service and make you the best remedies if we can better plan our day.  Thank you!

Upcoming Events and Latest Updates

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Update!  The doctor is in! Call now to get qualified and scheduled.  Do you have your diagnosis?  Our fax number is 541-730-4147.  You can also mail them to us at the ACKR Clinic PO Box 1398, Albany, OR  97321-0547.   If you need your records, you can print off this Authorization to Release Medical Information or come see us and pick up a copy.  You can take it to the doctor’s office or bring it to us for faxing.  We actually get best results when we fax it; it’s in the please and thank yous!

If you do not have a medical history built up, you may see the doctor for two visits for a cost of $265.  This allows the doctor to document the visits as required by the state, and sign authorizing your card to issue once you pay the funds to the state.  (Be advised that the State of Oregon charges you between $20 and $400 annually to issue permission to use Cannabis as Medicine).  

Schedule your canna-conversion appointment while you’re at it.  The number (541) 981-2620 is available 24/7 – even if we are not!  Leave a message with the date and time you prefer your appointment to be.  We will call you back and confirm, and we are often able to call with an appointment reminder the day of or before if you like.  This is helpful for both of us.

Equally as important as scheduling appointments is being available for them.  We strive to be available for your scheduled appointment time and hope you will, too.  Suggestion —>  It is best to avoid the intersection of Queen & Pacific.  There is always a train if you are late for an appointment!  Approach from the north, south or the east for better results …
ie Waverly, Hill, or Marion to Queen from the north or east and 34th Avenue from the south.)

We have appreciated your business in the past, and we look forward to serving you in the future.  Thank you for being a positive part of the Smokeless Cannabis Remedy Movement.  We look forward to seeing you soon.