475B.419 Authority to designate certain organizations as primary caregivers. (1) Notwithstanding ORS 475B.418, an organization that provides hospice, palliative or home health care services, or a residential facility as defined in ORS 443.400, that has significant responsibility for managing the well-being of a person who has been diagnosed with a debilitating medical condition may be designated, in addition to an individual designated pursuant to ORS 475B.418, as an additional caregiver for a registry identification cardholder in the same manner that an individual is designated as the primary caregiver for a registry identification cardholder under ORS 475B.418. (2) An organization or residential facility that is designated under this section has all the duties, functions and powers of a designated primary caregiver as prescribed by ORS 475B.400 to 475B.525 or a rule adopted under ORS 475B.400 to 475B.525. [2015 c.844 §6]

As described above, an OMMP Patient may designate a Facility as a second Caregiver.

What does that mean for Patients and their Facility staff?
* A Representative of the facility can be named, along with the Primary OMMP Caregiver, as a second OMMP Caregiver
* A Facility OMMP Caregiver has the same OMMP protections as the Primary OMMP Caregiver
~ The Facility OMMP Caregiver may purchase, transport, process, administer, and store medical marijuana for the designated Patient

-This is important because as the Facility OMMP Caregiver for the Patient, it is not necessary to have doctors rewrite and write new “prescriptions” in untimely manners for the Patient in the Facility’s care. If the Patient runs out of medicine, the Facility OMMP Caregiver has the ability to (with permission from their Boss, of course) go to a dispensary, or the Grower for the Patient, and obtain the necessary medicine. Or, if a higher dose than what has been “prescribed” is needed, the Facility OMMP Caregiver has the ability to administer what dosages are necessary at that moment in time. The Primary OMMP Caregiver, the Facility OMMP Caregiver, and the Patient can discuss and work together in what dosing is appropriate for the Patient. In Oregon, prescriptions for medical marijuana are not written. It is through a signed recommendation that a Patient is given access to utilize Cannabis for a qualifying medical condition, but it is up to the Patient to determine what methods and strains are working best for their symptoms.

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