100% Disabled Veterans


Once you have had your Attending Physician Statement signed by a doctor to obtain your OMMP card, with your current 100% disability rating, you no longer have to see a doctor yearly to renew.

If this is your first time applying, please see the ‘New ACKR Clinic Patient’ page.

​If you are renewing, simply submit your renewal application packet directly to the state.

Your Renewal Application
Any necessary grow documents (if applicable)
Copy of I.D.’s associated with your card
A copy of your 100% disability rating letter

*As of January 1, 2022 state fees are now waived to Veterans with a disability rating of at least 50%, resulting from a service related injury or illness, and discharged under other than dishonorable conditions

​*If you are naming someone else as your Grower, or growing for yourself at a location other than your residence, there is the $200 Grow fee. Be sure to check the OHA/OMMP website.*

If you’re unsure how to submit, let us know, we’ll be happy to help.

To submit by mail:

​ P.O. Box 14450
​ Portland, Or. 97293-0450

​To submit online:


Disabled veterans who meet the qualifications in OAR 333-008-0040 (2)(a) or (b) do not have to submit an Attending Physician’s Statement annually to the program. (See as outlined below.)

Annual Renewal

(2) A patient who meets the following criteria and provides documentation of meeting the criteria in accordance with instructions on the renewal application form is not required to submit an APS as described in subsection (1)(b) of this rule:

(a) Has been assigned a total and permanent disability rating for compensation that rates the veteran as unable to secure or follow a substantially gainful occupation as a result of service-connected disabilities as described in 38 C.F.R. 4.16; or

(b) Has a United States Department of Veterans Affairs total disability rating of 100 percent as a result of an injury or illness that the veteran incurred, or that was aggravated, during active military service and who received a discharge or release under other than dishonorable conditions.*