What to bring to your OMMP Clinic Appointment:

Your Valid ID- (and Proof of Oregon Residency with an out of state ID- Acceptable Proof examples: utility bill in your name, rental agreement in your name, etc.)

Your Caregiver and/or Grower Valid ID (or a copy of) listed on your OMMP application

Proof of State fee Discount Eligibility- Examples: OHP (Oregon Health Plan), SNAP (Food Stamps), Veteran Status, SSI (Supplemental Security Income, NOT disability income), and/or if you are a 100% disabled Veteran

Your COMPLETED OMMP Application (New or prefilled Renewal from the state): Please have this filled out prior to coming in to your appointment. If you have questions on how to fill it out, please contact us PRIOR to your appointment

​Any Grow documents that are necessary for your particular grow circumstances- Zoning document for those who are growing within city limits of their city (in Albany you can access that document on the city website at: http://infohub.cityofalbany.net/infohub/)

If the Patient is a Minor- The OMMP Minor Declaration Form MUST be COMPLETED and brought to the clinic appointment, and verified before the doctor will see the patient. (Form available here)
Minors must also provide a valid state issued Photo ID with their application. The DMV website has information about obtaining a state ID

Any Remaining balance due for the clinic appointment- If $50 deposit is paid at time of scheduling: $110 balance for a visit with medical records and $215 for a visit without medical records ($160-$265)

​*If all of the appropriate documents are brought to the appointment, it is easier for us to scan all of them into one PDF for you to submit your application online. When they are not all brought in, and you want to submit online, it will be necessary for you to take the additional extra steps.

**It is not necessary for you to bring the payment for the state fees, you will be able to submit your application and payment to the state online or by mail, at your convenience (within the 90 day limit of the doctor’s signature, of course).