We’re loving our role of educating others at Albany’s Canna Kitchen & Research. Yesterday we had 25 guests learning about their Endocannabinoid System and how to feed it by day and last evening Mom and I went to Brownsville for the Munch Night event where an older documentary was shown about Hemp and Cannabis. We enjoyed our visit and everyone seemed delighted to see us.

Today we had yet another wonderful clinic with Dr Vaughn and also had Coralee representing us at the VFW for the Multi-Vendor Open House. There was a great turnout of vendors and guests. Many people were excited to be learning about us and the services we have to offer, so that was rewarding. I was able to be there from 2-4. The first person I spoke to was a nurse. She left with an armful of literature and new found information about this EndoCannabinoid System I keep teaching people about (and hope you will, too!)

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