When I quit smoking cigarettes in December 2010, I put down the all-day-coffee habit, too. I had to totally change my routine to quit cigarettes. It was then that I learned I suffer from ADHD. For years I had very effectively self-medicated with caffeine and didn’t even known it. I drank 2+ pots of coffee daily and could focus for hours at a time.  Most would be pinging off the walls, but I accomplished tasks in a ridiculously efficient manor.  Having cut the morning coffee habit initially to only one cup, and now up to 3 or 4, I cannot stay on task to save my life, unless I find the right Cannabis strain or combination of strains to make that happen.  The doctors who “practice medicine” would put me on Adderall if I would let them, and we all know that it is simply ‘pharmaceutical meth’. Another death in a bottle.  When I like things, I like them too much, so nooooo, I’m not going there.  I’ll stick to my Smokeless Cannabis Remedies, thank you!

I received a lovely email from Chris Cognitune. He wrote that,  since Adderall abuse has grown to epidemic levels, their research team has compiled an article about the best all-natural alternatives to Adderall. https://www.cognitune.com/best-natural-adderall-alternatives/
He had seen seen my 6/9/2013 Rambling about ADHD and the horrific side effects to an often prescribed ADHD prescription drug (Quillivant XR).

I wish I could sit still long enough to blog again, I loved it when I did!  Please read the article and comment below what you feel would be my best natural Adderall alternative.  I’ve got 6 projects going in the the other room I need to get back to, as well as 12 tabs open on the PC.

Prayers of abundance for all, together we can heal the Earth and all her peoples.

<3 Rhea

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