Thank you for voting YES on Measure 80, thank you for making phone calls, telling your friends and relatives about the many benefits of Cannabis so they were educated to Measure 80.  You did that, right?  Well, if you didn’t, I would bet that we may have another chance at doing that again if there isn’t movement from “upper management” to let go of the negative control.  We have a right to use a plant Our Creator gave us that … makes us feel better physically and mentally without negative health effects … a plant that has never killed anyone – that you cannot overdose and kill yourself with!

When you are dealing with a person who is using Cannabis (smokeless, or otherwise) they are not on a substance such as “Oxy” that will make them later turn to Heroin.  This news article, in the Statesman Journal, (which you can read here in a new link later) will tell you all about that and how the number of heroin deaths is rising at an alarming number.  Cannabis doesn’t kill anyone, or lead them to heroin, but has always been accused of doing so. Please learn the truth, and learn about the many benefits Cannabis and Industrial Hemp. Stay tuned, we are going to get America BACK ON HER FEET! If we are going to be forced to provide our own healthcare, then we can use Cannabis to do it, right?

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