“An alternative usage of cannabis ointment.  I am a practitioner of Qi Qong for many years.  I found by applying the salve to key chakra points prior to practicing Qi Qong I was able to breathe in the medication through these energy points.  A very relaxing and energizing process began to occur when I practiced Qi Qong in this manner.  I would highly suggest Qi Qong training to help eliminate pain with daily practice.  One such exercise, Lei Chi, can help bring healing energy into the body and then help remove toxic energy that is stuck.  This moving of energy is very profound for me.  I find it helps relieve mental anxiety from long term chronic pain.  This usage of healing salves along with Kung Fu training is nothing new.  My close friend and master of Chung Mu Do Kung Fu system came all the way out from Pennsylvania to train me in the use of traditional Chinese ointments along with Qi Qong practice.

I realized I could do the same using Rhea’s salves and tinctures.  The results are very promising.

D – Corvallis

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