As Kendra and Charles get ready to move forward with their life together, changes continue at Albany’s Canna Kitchen and Gramsterdam.  It will be so strange without my girl there, but we will march on and continue making our awesome Smokeless Cannabis Remedies, dispensing the majority of them at Gramsterdam and doing special orders as they come in.  Everyone involved is excited about what the future holds and all of us will miss her as much as she will miss us.

Kendra’s last day will be Saturday, September 12th.  We will be having a get-together there at the shop from 530 pm to 730 pm. It is a clinic day, so it will be crazy during regular hours.  Please come in and wish her well, sign the “green board” and if you’d like to keep in touch, put your text or email in the address book.  Because we are a dispensary, we cannot let you consume on site, sorry!

Just a reminder, if you haven’t looked at our menu <—- (click there) lately, you really should.  I just added some more Golden XTRX cartridges Saturday night and who knows what else recently.  We are still running our special with them where when you purchase your 1st, 5th, and every 5th subsequent cartridge, you get a free rechargeable Golden XTRX battery for ($15 value).  Have you checked out the gourmet soaps, lotions, and chapsticks?  Laura got the soap and tried it and reports it really is all it is cracked up to be, quite nice!  We’re out of the Blackberry capsules, but they’re in for testing and ready to be encapsulated once results are in.  

I listed the “Deals of the Day” for the week of 1-5 September on our Gramsterdam site – check them out at

We’re looking forward to seeing you – each and every time!

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