Do you know why it is important to be 100% honest with your doctor about your Cannabis use? Because then, your doctor is able to see the true benefits of this plant that has been so unfairly prohibited.  Perhaps, when they see it time and time again, they will stand together and say, “Hey, wait! This plant is a miracle plant that will heal everything!  All we need to do is determine the strain and dose patients need and they’ll be fine.  We’ll have more time to spend with our families!”

Did I tell you I have big dreams and ambitions?

A patient I know recently changed doctors due to a disagreement in treatment protocol.  I was witness to her new doctor reviewing the patient’s bone density tests that were performed eight years apart.  The bone density in the patient’s back showed marked improvement, yet the amount of walking she is doing for exercise has decreased by 80 percent.  The doctor was quite taken aback!

Interestingly enough, the patient’s former doctor had prescribed Fosamax after the original bone density test. At that time, the patient refused treatment after reading the side effects. (See side effects HERE)  The doctor scolded her when she learned at her next physical that she had not been taking the drug.  The patient began using Smokeless Cannabis Remedies about a year ago for various arthritic pain and other health issues.  She takes virtually no pharmaceuticals at all, and uses salve and capsules the most.  “It’s the Cannabis!”

I don’t name names, but I will say this patient is over 75 years young.  I’ll bet when the doctor went home Friday she thought about her, her great health, and the fact that Cannabis is likely to be what is helping her to stay so healthy, happy, and content (along with her daily mile walk and the lack of prescription medications and their side effects.)

I will also speak of my personal testimonial.  About six years ago I went to my doctor (NP) for my physical. She called and told me , “After reviewing your blood work, I wish everyone’s numbers were as good as yours!”  The next year I went back and asked her if we could talk about “alternative treatments, such as Cannabis” and she pretty much hit the roof.  She would not even discuss it.  I asked her to research it some and she told me that she “would not research something that is illegal!”  I reminded her that we have a fully functioning “Medical Marijuana” program in Oregon.  We didn’t discuss it any further.  The next year I came back … yep, same drill, “your blood work is amazing.”  I tell her, “It’s the Cannabis!”  She didn’t want to hear it and again wouldn’t discuss it.  That was the last time I saw her.  I found a doctor that would allow me to talk about my health and be honest about what I put into my body.  How can they profess to be there for your health when they won’t discuss something as important as that?

That, my friend, is why it is so important to be honest with your doctor.  We must educate them to all the benefits since it has been taken out of their education.  I know of an Operating Room Nurse who didn’t even know of the Endocannabinoid System.  (My former doctor probably didn’t, either.)  You should also know that due to patient-doctor confidentiality laws, it is against the law for them to discuss your Cannabis use with anyone else.

Don’t just take my word for it, learn more!  Smokeless Cannabis Remedies will treat “pert near anything that ails ya!”  Make your appointment now to learn what you need to do to obtain your card, or, if you have your card already, come see us and discuss which remedies will most likely meet your needs.  Call now, leave a message anytime:  541-981-2620.

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