Just a quick note. I had a follow up appointment with the surgeon this morning who checked my bedsore. He was AMAZED at how much it’s healed up!! He asked what I was using and I told him “Cannabis liniment and tincture” and he said “that’s great!” Apparently it’s exactly as you described, the liniment has it all dried out and the other tincture is healing it.
This testimonial came in last night from the wife of an 80 year young patient:  

“My husband” had great experiences over the last two nights using hot black granddaddy purple capsules!!! The first night, when he had to get up, twice only, he had no sciatica pain! Last night, not only did he have no pain, he was only up ONCE and it was at 8:00 this morning! That is absolutely unheard of!!! He is going to try the same again tonight to see if his good results continue. I think he is slowly getting it into his head that this stuff works, dammit! I’ll keep you apprised. I am strongly encouraging him to use these “gifts” for heavens sake! Not only was the batch of capsules truly a gift from you, but also the plant is a gift to all of us.

She followed with this today:

So, last night, he had very similar results! He awoke at 7:30 to go to the bathroom, only that one time, and there was no sciatic pain once again! He is LOVING this! He also is not awakened during the night due to sciatic pain. I will continue to ENCOURAGE him to use those capsules! I will also let you know once he uses the suppositories.  He has also used both salves on a regular basis for numerous issues including knees and skin lesions, and he has been happy with those results as well.

Thank you, Rhea, for your continued support, your fight for cannabis rights and your personal interest in our well being and the well being of all those who suffer. You, too, are a gift to all of us!

Stop the presses!  I recently received my favorite testimonial of all times on a Facebook comment where a patient said, “Thanks to the blessing (your mom) gave the rest of us, you, I am out of pain and exercising right now. ❤❤ I never feel like I can thank you enough! Maybe I should start thanking her, too!

**  Thank you so much, my Momma is my everything and I appreciate her so much. It is so nice to see someone else appreciating her as well.  Thank you, K!

So happy to hear from a fellow Veteran:

This is my testimonial to what a great place and wonderful staff that work at the Canna Kitchen. I am a veteran with PTSD and I also suffer from bad knees (airborne infantry). Ever since I have came to this clinic it has been nothing but hugs and geniune concern that the patient gets the proper medication. Well, after consulting with staff, we decided suppositories are the way to go. I would like to state, I am 38 years old and the thought of a suppository was not tops on my list, however, after swallowing my pride, I took the suppository. Needless to say, the best decision ever. My life is getting better because of what these people do, truly working miracles with a medicinal approach. The point to my story is, keep an open mind if you truly want to improve your health and well-being. Let the mental and physical healing begin. Thank you Rhea and staff.
-Veteran 101st
I just received this from a patient who is getting off Methadone:  
Thanks so much for all my stuff. The canna caps worked wonders. It didn’t take a handful like I thought it might. Took 2 of each for a total of 6 I slept so well. 7 hours straight. I’m very happy. I haven’t had a good night of sleep in so long, it was like a gift from heaven. So thank you my angels at ACKR, I’m so grateful. I feel great and without the aid of narcotics. This is so nice. I hope it keeps up. Not easy going off the bad medicine. I’m simply beside myself today. Another good thing about using the miracle called Marijuana. I’m telling everyone!

Brian W., Albany

Update:  Brian is totally off the Methadone and couldn’t be happier!

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