What a wonderful birthday I had! First there was breakfast out with Mom and then on to Marcola to speak at the local Family Nudist Resort about Medical Cannabis and Smokeless Cannabis Remedies.

I am delighted with how well received the information was, and the number and caliber of questions.  My audience was estimated to be 50 people, and they were from age 50 and up. I have to agree with that number because in looking back, I gave out 25 grinders to those who were on time at 3 p.m., and if you’ve been there, you know all about “Willie’s Time”. I laughed at myself and drew a good laugh from the crowd when I commented on how I like to reward timeliness as being a retired Master Sergeant and all, attention to detail is very important to me … especially since I was a month later than originally scheduled!

My talk began with explaining why Cannabis is currently federally illegal (thank you William Randolph Hearst and Harry Anslinger) and went on to cover a wide variety of the remedies we make and how they are used.  We also discussed why the Cannabis plant is so important to all vertebrate life forms and how terpenes help our nose know just which strains are best for our needs.

The club President was kind enough to spend some time with us and learned some valuable information as well. I was delighted by his responses and comments when he smelled the samples I brought. Two he thought were nice, one was a “NO WAY!”. Terpenes speak to our body, telling us what we need, we should be paying attention to which ones we respond to.

After the presentation we got ready for dinner, which was incredible.  My nudist buddies are “foodies” so the Cannabis goes nicely.  There was food from one end to the other of several tables, however, my organic grapes were in the refrigerator at work… closing Saturday wasn’t the usual smooth exit, but that’s another blog.

When I walked up to the first table of friends, one wished me a Happy Birthday, and Rhonda burst into the Happy Birthday song which was very fun and much appreciated.  Kendra had done a beautiful job of singing it to me “Live” on Facebook, but there’s just something about hearing a crowd of at least 100 people sing it to you.

One thing I heard many a time over was that people wish they had been there to hear the information I shared. With such a good turnout and so many intendeds, I was asked to speak again in February at the Winter Festival. Perhaps we will book two sessions to be sure and get everyone.

There was a new band which was fabulous!  Seven artists in all, two trumpets, a bass, a lead, a keyboardist, drummer, and a vocalist.  They really rocked the place, everyone seemed to enjoy their beat. As always, they were much more comfortable than they thought they would be, and I bet they, too, would say it was the best gig they have ever played.

Monday brought a wonderful breakfast and some time to spend time talking with people and answering more personal questions. I had the best Eggs Benedict I’ve ever had as well as Veggie Eggs Benedict for the first time. YUM! (Remember I told you these people are foodies!)

I took the back road home and you wouldn’t have known it was 5 pm Monday of a holiday weekend. What a blessed weekend and what a fine time to hit the speed limit!  Thank you all for the wishes and cards and thoughts and prayers, we’ll be talking again soon!

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