PictureI adore this picture of us … thank you for enjoying it with me!

What is new you ask?  Well, we’re staying right where we are and will run Albany’s Canna Kitchen and Gramsterdam both out of Suite 1. We’re getting our walls up and painted and things are going smoothly. Everything is a total mess and chaos, but we are making great progress and it’s a smooth mess, so that is fine, right?

We’re getting excited about the different products we will be able to offer.  Kendra showed me a truffle recipe today that made my mouth water, let me tell you what!  We may have to do some seasonal things such as those.  The most important and exciting thing is the variety of capsules that we will be able to offer cardholders!  Our Morphine Replacement Capsules, as I call them, are simply magic for those in severe pain.  We will be making them in different strengths, and they will be priced accordingly.

Our business model is different than what anyone else is doing.  We will still be able to convert YOUR Cannabis to Smokeless Cannabis Remedies, OR you will be able to purchase remedies that we make from Cannabis we have purchased or been given.  We will be basing our prices on our costs; capsules will not all be the same price, and the prices will change according to costs.  Yes, most prices will be going up – our costs have increased significantly since we opened our doors on 11/11/11 and we have not increased prices since December 1, 2012.

If you are an organic grower and have excess plant matter that you wish to donate or sell at the best price possible and help keep prices down, you will be a hero both to us and a number of patients!  We would be happy to put up a “wall” or page and show names and or pictures of the wonderful people and plant matter they have donated if donors are interested.  I’m not just talking bud … we do great things with leaf and trim as well!  And then there are “Freshies!”

We also need organic growers who wish to provide fresh organic leaf once or twice a week.  These are vital for people making smoothies as well as juicing them.  If you are interested, please let me know – both patients and growers!  The leaves are AMAZING in smoothies! You do not taste them, you do not get high, and if that is the only way you are using Cannabis, you will not fail a UA for THC.  Please, please help us make “Freshies” a part of Gramsterdam!

The excitement builds – we’re looking forward to opening our doors to all cardholders and not just those who we are caregivers to.  Are you getting excited, too?  Please tell a friend!  AND – do you or they need to see the doctor this month?  We have seats we really need to fill for Tuesday December 9th and Friday December 19th.  No money till January?  We can hold your paperwork until you pay for your doctor visit; you have 90 days for the OMMP to receive your paperwork.

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