So far I’ve held the Capsule and Suppository Consults and the Tincture and Liniment Consults and the patients have all been delighted. I need to share their feedback comments. I look forward to hearing of their successes with making their own remedies, that’s where the real reward will be!

Perhaps the biggest value of the consults are the ‘hacks’. Having done this daily for over seven years, I have found what works best for making clean, quality, efficient and effective remedies. There is much that goes into the planning and preparation of the remedy, we can help you choose the right strains, remedy, and preparation of it. A consultation to help you figure out just what you need is only $25, and when you then schedule a cooking consultation, you will save $25 on the price of it. Trust me, you are worth it and your Canna-experience will be even better.

We’re looking forward to hearing from you; our number remains 541-981-2620 and we’re still located at 2300 Ferry St SW Suite 1, Albany, OR 97322.

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