You may have seen my post on Facebook … I truly do feel as though I am an (unpaid) employee of the state of Oregon and the Oregon Health Authority.  We seem to be doing a whole lot more to get the people relief – yet we are taking the beating and they are taking the paycheck.

I am required to make a number of changes at Albany’s Canna Kitchen & Research to come into compliance.  In an effort to afford these changes, we are going to have some sales… so OMMP cardholders, now is the time to shop!  As test results are received, inventory will be added, so come and get it while the getting is good!

Currently we are offering the following reductions:

20% off all capsules and suppositories this week
10% off all concentrates
20% off all tinctures
10% off all topicals
BOGO half off all edibles

We hope to see you soon!

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