Everybody should have a Jeanne in their life!

Ok here we go!  After being hooked on morphine for WAY too many years and not one to take on weed,  I met this wonderful silly gal over to Albany’s Canna Kitchen.  We talked a while to try and figure out what was really going to work for me, Miss Stubborn !!
Rhea introduced me to her way of life.

Lemme tell ya what.  She knows her business and she cares about us folks that need her so much… No, all my problems are not level yet, but, that’s my fault for not keeping up with the pills.  THEY WORK.  My sleep…  Oh man.  The leg jumps have slowed with the wonderful salve.

I have a long way to go.  I been fighting this old wore out, beat up body for 65 years.  Rhea is going to make sure I get better !!!

Thank you, Sweet Lady!


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