I am commenting to share input on the shampoo. I first tried it to help me clear up my scalp. I suffer from eczema & psoriasis of the scalp. For years I always had scales/sores on my scalp…. Sometimes not so bad and at times, when weather is cold and wet, horribly bad, flaming outbreaks. My first time of using the Marijuana Shampoo, I wasn’t too fond of the way my hair felt while shampooing but LOVED the results! I had a scalp free & clear of all sores, after just 2 weeks of usage! A little experimenting I found that it works best, and feels better, when I mix the nickel size drop of shampoo with water, in an old empty shampoo bottle, shake it up and use on my dry hair, lather & rinse. I will keep shampoo handy for those those outbreaks from now on. Hope this helps others as well as it does me. Take Care everyone! 🙂  HB

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