I thoroughly enjoy speaking to people about Cannabis. Often, I’m afraid they’ll get away before I”m finished telling them all I want them to know, so I speak very fast. Don’t take that as me being a “fast talker”, as I said, I’m just afraid you’ll get away before I’m finished!

In the beginning, it was me putting myself out there asking if I could come speak to a group, or at a particular location. About 15 months ago I remember being on Facebook and seeing a page called, “The Buzz in Lebanon, Oregon”. I though, “oh… that sounds like a good place to meet like-minded people!” I soon found that “Think Brain Candy Books & Tea” was the page owner. My mind was racing! “WELL! Now we have “Buzz and Brain Candy” together, I think we’re on to something!” I have never been more convinced in my life that I would be welcomed with open arms to discuss all things Cannabis!

As it turns out, ‘The Buzz and Brain Candy’ have absolutely NOTHING to do with Cannabis in this instance, but I was most certainly welcomed with open arms. That was a lovely presentation that spurred one man to write a book that has been recently published for Oregon Seniors about using Medical Cannabis. To purchase it check out www.amazon.com/MEDICAL-MARIJUANA-SENIORS-Passport-Relief/dp/1731540671/ref=sr_1_1?crid=3DI70U0XMNSM1&keywords=david+horning&qid=1550769636&s=books&sprefix=david+horning%2Caps%2C212&sr=1-1

Or, David will be having a book-signing in the not too distant future and you can purchase it then. We will post when that event is scheduled.

Yesterday I spoke to the Low-Vision Group here in Albany. The story that landed me there is equally as funny, especially as I heard it yesterday. Last year, a friend was growing some plants outdoors and had told me I was welcome to go harvest leaves any time … So I was doing just that. One day after such a harvest, I received a call from a woman wanting to know if I would come speak to the local Low-Vision Group in February. Little did I know that she was the neighbor to the person who’s plants I had been plucking the leaves from.

As it turns out, she was being a very good neighbor. She didn’t know I had permission to be in his garden, so she got out her camera and took pictures of me and Mom and the license plate of my car and everything! We had a good giggle as she shared all that with me yesterday. I knew she had called and let him know, I didn’t know she has great photo evidence as well.

If you have a group that you would like to get educated to the truth of Cannabis, let me know and perhaps we can get me scheduled to do just that. Presentations are informative and fun, lasting 1.5 to 2 hours. Call 541-981-2620 to see about getting on the schedule, we are open 10 – 5 Monday through Friday and Saturday by appointment only.

Friday, March 22, 2019 we will be hosting, “How to Smoke Pot, how Not to Smoke Pot, & How to Clean your Pipe”. Call now to reserve your seat (541-981-2620) or reserve it online at www.cannakitchenandresearch.com/ Cost is $10 – spoiler alert: there will be NO smoking, so don’t let the thought of smoke scare you.

As to tickets, if you don’t cancel before the event when I reserve the chairs, you will be expected to pay the cost of your chair. Considering that we rent chairs and and provide the venue, and do not sell you products, I’m asking for a $10 fee to attend. If you cannot afford to attend, and if you don’t spend your disposable income on “gambling, cigarettes, lattes and the like”, let us know and we’ll get you in for the cost of the chair, or free – whichever you can do. Bring your parents, grandparents, elderly neighbor, cousin, retired friend, buddy, coworker, etc. Must be 21 or older OR an OMMP patient with ID to show proof of both.

We greatly appreciate your continued support and look forward to seeing you soon!

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