‘ve been working diligently to get some samples together for Sunday. I think people will be pleased with the sample bags we’re bringing. At this time, I’m thinking the first 20 people will get a sample of capsules, tincture, salve, and depending on the weather, a suppository or two. If it’s too hot I won’t be bringing them, they don’t survive the heat. I will offer a “raincheck” to the lucky 20 though … come in and get it later if need be!

I’ve inserted the link to the newspaper article for this picture and the event on Sunday below. I think this is such an awesome picture of Gayle and Randy, the owners of the dispensary that the city of Brownsville is not allowing to open at this time. I do hope we can help to get the city councilors educated. Their response has been that patients can drive to Eugene or Albany or wherever to get their Cannabis. I wonder how they would feel if the same situation were posed on them for their needs. When the bank in Brownsville closed … they felt a little bit of it I’m told, but it only involves a drive to Lebanon, not as far as it takes to get legal Cannabis, Smokeless or not!

Link to article: http://democratherald.com/news/local/brownsville-dispensary-site-to-be-used-as-resource-center/article_db0b603c-2e77-11e4-9ce5-001a4bcf887a.html

Photo by Jesse Skoubo/Democrat-Herald


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