The last day of the year was one of the busiest days ever at Gramsterdam, it was awesome! We had some long-missed patients come in, some regulars, and new patients as well; nicely rounded!

One of our new patients is a beautiful young lady I will call “Sandy” (not her real name) who is Developmentally Disabled. I am so pleased with her parents who are mature, God-loving individuals who have tried everything imaginable to help Sandy with her pain, anxiety, and sleeplessness, all the while being raised with the “Reefer Madness” that has been about for far too many years. She is the first MRDD patient we will be working with from “ground zero” and I am very excited about bringing her pain relief, peace, and nights full of sleep! I know what a difference those things make in ones life, she will be like many others “a changed person!”

Sometimes the difficulty lies in getting the medicine into the patient. I called her Mom this evening to see how things are going and she told me of the different ways she has been dosing her. Tincture in juice, capsule in tea, tincture in soup, capsule in hot water and added to her tea throughout day. I am impressed with her creativity, and convinced this is going to go just fine!

Naturally, this is the first Cannabis that she has ever used. I am looking forward to seeing how she feels and reacts once all of her receptors are awakened. It will be very exciting to see if she is able to advance, or which activities she may enjoy more. I think coloring will be fun for her when using some creative daytime strains. I hope to keep you posted!

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