EDIT:  Please be sure and mention that one cannot overdose and die from Cannabis as you can from alcohol, prescription drugs, water …  You can also add that it is most difficult for them to say that products can only contain 100 mg or less when the testing is FAR from perfected!!

Feel free to copy and paste this letter, sign your name at the bottom and send it to all listed below.  Improve on it where you would like, but it’s best to keep it short – they get a lot of letters when we get started in the Canna world.

​Thank you for your attention to this very important matter.

To: OHD.ACMM@state.or.us

cc:  Rep Olson (rep.andyolson@state.or.us); Rep.PeterBuckley@state.or.us (rep.peterbuckley@state.or.us); rep.kenhelm@state.or.us (rep.kenhelm@state.or.us); rep.annlininger@state.or.us (rep.annlininger@state.or.us); rep.carlwilson@state.or.us (rep.carlwilson@state.or.us); Sen.JeffKruse@state.or.us (sen.jeffkruse@state.or.us); Sen.FloydProzanski@state.or.us (sen.floydprozanski@state.or.us); Sen.LeeBeyer@state.or.us (sen.leebeyer@state.or.us); sen.ginnyburdick@state.or.us (sen.ginnyburdick@state.or.us); sen.tedferrioli@state.or.us (sen.tedferrioli@state.or.us)

There is a flaw in the current packaging and labeling of medical Cannabis medicine, concerning capsules. The Committee has incorporated Cannabis capsules into the edibles category. Categorizing capsules into edibles will not do any patient justice and denotes capsules as something more of a novelty item. Capsules are not a novelty to patients but a legitimate medicinal delivery method that should warrant its own category, in the Medicinal Marijuana Rules.
Patients, and the capsule producers, should not be forced to contend with capsules packaged at 100mg per pack. Many patients require capsules that are above 100mg per capsule. That means that any capsule 51 mg or more gets only one capsule per package. That is an injustice to patients, a waste of packaging and materials that it takes for packaging, and a waste of resources (money, time, etc.)
It is imperative to revise the Rules to include a category for capsules that allow for a more realistic approach to quantity and potency. Patients should at least be allowed to purchase a container of one months supply of their capsules. It would be realistic to allow capsules to be packaged at least at 10,000 mg per package (100 capsules at 100mg each in a medical pill bottle (like pharmaceutical child proof pill bottles).   Whether making a whole new category for capsules, or readjusting current categories, the attention to capsules is necessary before requirements go into affect.

Thank you for your time,

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