Patients, more changes continue to hinder us all!  The state is now charging growers $200 to register, and charging patients $200 if they grow at an address other than their own residence.  On top of that – patients and growers will be required to provide intricate reports on their grows.

Help stop this insanity, send a letter and let elected and appointed officials know how you feel.  The letter I have pasted in below was provided by the “Right To Grow” group in Southern Oregon and all Oregon residents are invited to send it in with their signature. Please send your emails to all of the addresses provided.

RE: Proposed OMMP online tracking system
We in the Cannabis industry provide patients with quality medicine. Life-saving Cannabis medicine promotes quality of life and quality of death with dignity. As a serious matter of public health and potential HIPPA privacy violation, we wish to inform you that we can not participate in the proposed online tracking system. Nor can we support any system that criminalizes our citizens for caring for the oldest, weakest, sickest and poorest among us.
Consider the level of energy and fiscal investment that OHA has put into creating this online system. We demand that you uphold your responsibility to defend the sick people who have paid you, who have entrusted you, OHA, with responsibility for safe access to
the medicine of their choice.
You have a fiduciary obligation to protect the Constitutional rights of Oregon patients who choose Cannabis as their medicine. You are responsible to utilize fees only to cover the costs of program administration, and to fund and publish responsible medical
Cannabis research. We reject the concept of “recreational” use of Cannabis, and assert that all use of Cannabis is medical use. “Recreational” is nothing more than taxation of medicine.
As your constituents, we request that OHA give its full support to creation of the Oregon Cannabis Authority. The proposed OCA must be comprised of Oregon citizens and established participants in the Oregon medical Cannabis community, including patients,
providers and producers.


Grower/ Patient or ODL Id #________

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Blessings up and thank you very much!

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