So far I’m doing really well on it [Sativa Fibro capsules].  It hasn’t made me anxious and I can REALLY tell the difference in what aches less – mainly my left shoulder and upper arm.  I am going to take a TLS now, 2 hours after the noontime Fibro Sativa as my hip is doing it’s thing.

Took a little of the new tincture last night at bedtime to help to relax to go to sleep.  It works miracles!!

Just wanted to give you an update and thank you again wonderful lady for all of your personalized help.  I think that’s what people don’t “get” about just going to any dispensary or buying on the street or whatever.  When you don’t know anything, like James and me, having a Rhea and a Kendra is invaluable.

“Shock and Awe!”

I am 78 years old, and your Smokeless Cannabis Remedies are the only “medicine” I take.  Not too long ago I had cataract surgery.  The next day when I returned for my follow-up, the doctor seemed to be totally amazed when he told me, “there is virtually no swelling!”  I told him, “I use Cannabis”.  I’m not sure which amazed him more, the fact that I use Smokeless Cannabis Remedies, or that there was no swelling.  Although the Ophthalmologists have heard that Cannabis is fantastic for eye health, they don’t seem to want to believe it.  I would hope that more patients will be honest with their doctors and tell them they are using Cannabis so they will know the truth of why “there is no swelling” and whatnot.

This past Spring, my primary physician was concerned about my blood pressure.  I increased my dosage of capsules to three a day and my blood pressure regulated itself perfectly, right to where she wanted it:  140/60.  She asked what I had done and I told her.  She, too, was amazed.  She is happy to sign my card seeing how healthy I am, and pain-free when using the capsules.

Thank you for what you do!

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