We’re working on getting our voters educated. We need YOU to help get the word out to people who are undecided on their vote for Measure 80, or who are likely to vote no. Invite them to come learn about alternatives and how Oregon can lead the way for Industrial Hemp production and the end of prohibition.

Also bring friends who would like to know more about using Smokeless Cannabis for what ails them.

Events are October 19th in Albany and October 22nd in Lebanon AND Corvallis at the respective Senior Centers. In Albany the Senior Center is at 489 Water Ave NW and the event is from 2-3 pm. Lebanon’s Senior Center is located at 80 Tangent St., and the event will be from 1-3 pm to allow time for Jennifer to speak as well as showing a video or two, and in Corvallis at Chintimini Senior Center at 2601 NW Tyler Ave from 4:45 to 6:15.


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