I was delighted to find Albany’s Canna Kitchen & Research, LLC.  Rhea is most eager to assist and provides excellent information and help concerning finding solutions for pain management.  I’ve had chronic pain for over 33 years due to an industrial accident sustained when I was 18 years of age.  I’ve been through many doctor’s offices and alternative therapies over the years in an attempt to find relief and ideally healing to my compound head, neck and back injuries.  Until 1 year ago I used traditional pain meds with varied amount of relief and a lot of side effects.  Surgeons had little hope to offer the multiple neck and back injuries.

My doctor at the time suggested I try hemp for pain management.  Like many who are mainly conservative I was not willing to go that route.  3 years ago the pain began to be intolerable and I decided to begin the process of obtaining an OMMP card.  Many of the doctors in Corvallis agreed that hemp may offer a system for pain management but would not agree to help me.  My present primary doctor agreed to give me a letter indicating I was a candidate for this kind of pain management.  After obtaining the clearance to apply for OMMP card I followed through and now have the legal right to use hemp for severe pain management.

I do not like to smoke so I decided to try ointments and tinctures along with vaporizing to titrate the cannabis.  The tinctures were effective but some of the oils infused with cannabis were not well received by my stomach.  I found coconut oil infused ointments and honey tinctures work very well for pain and no problem for my stomach.  Vaporizing is sometimes irritating to my lungs but does a very good job of getting the canibinoids into my system. I found I am more active and have less pain.  Still at times the pain is very bad.

I’m thankful though that with the help of Rhea I was able to try solutions that worked better than pharmaceutical medications with a lot less side effects.  I would highly recommend anyone who is seeking help who has an OMMP card to contact Albany’s Canna Kitchen & Research, LLC.
-DM, Corvallis, OR

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