Hope you are doing wonderfully dear lady.  I have learned more about health from you in the time I’ve known you than I ever learned in all the years of going to doctors.  Not much of a compliment, but I hope you understand how deeply I mean it.

I feel AWFUL that I didn’t come sooner, to more meetings (at City Hall).  I had NO idea.  You are truly an inspiration for fighting for what you believe in and I admire you greatly for that and many other wonderful attributes of your being.

Take care,

Congratulations!  WT

Hi Rhea, I am so happy for you!!!! And all of us too. K

BIG Congratulations Rhea & Kendra.  Big victory and from what I can tell you did most of the heavy work.
Love Ya,

Rhea and Kendra,

Congratulations on your successful fight with City Hall.  We are very pleased that you will remain in business.

As before, if you need anything, let us know.


Congratulations! All of your Extremely Hard Work has paid off. We are so proud of you and yours, and we are delighted and relieved that you can continue the good work.

Thank you for all the efforts to support the patients. It is much appreciated.


and lots and lots of phone calls and visits!  Thank you so much everyone.

Excellent, gentle, effective pain relief. I use mostly daytime capsules.  I have lumbar osteoarthritis and have quit opiates and soma (while using these capsules).
T.S. Corvallis

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