It is with a heavy heart that I announce that we will only have Doctor Dossey at our clinic three more times: August 30th, September 17th, and October 4th. I regret not posting about this earlier, but I am just not one to spread bad news – this is a decision of the Medical Board, not the OMMP – but who knows if there are connections. We do not have a new doctor in line yet, but know that God always provides!

How does this affect you? If your OMMP card has 90 or fewer days until it expires, you will want to get yourself scheduled as Doctor Dossey will be “retiring his licenses”. If you haven’t gotten your card yet, get yourself scheduled. We will be running extended clinics, but we’re not going crazy with it. They will be our typical, well organized, scheduled chaos kept on time as best as I can. You will want to get your Release of Information signed and your $50 deposit made for your appointment ASAP. You will pay the balance on the day of your appointment ($100 or $215).

Remember: There are state fees in addition to the doctor fees, neither of which I have control over. Depending on your situation the state fees can be as low as $20 and as much as $400. When is it $20 you asked? When you are a patient who is a Veteran OR a person who is on SSI (Supplemental Security Income, not Social Security) who grows their own at their residence address or does not have a grower.

Someone who has the Oregon Health Plan pays $50 to the Oregon Health Authority if they grow their own at home or don’t list a grower and a patient who has SNAP benefits (food stamps) pays $60 to the OHA if they grow their own at home … or have no grower.

Everyone else pays the Oregon Health Authority $200 for the permission slip to use this incredible plant, unless they are having someone else grow it for them, or growing it at an address they do not live at … then it is an additional $200.

I am certain the state is doing their best to end the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program (OMMP) and we don’t want to allow them to do so unless the outcome is the full Repeal of Cannabis Prohibition, which would set this plant free. Legal-i-zation is only adding laws and taxes, that’s not what we’re after as a “free” country, think about it!

Blessings up.

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