The first week of October 2018 is history.  The picture is from August 2018, a blackberry from Alabama. Looks like a briar crossed with a Cannabis, doesn’t it?

I wanted to let you know Laura has developed a “Calendar App” that will assist you in scheduling appointments with us.  We are excited about that as it is essential that our patients make appointments so we are able to best assist them.  I remember the days nearly seven years ago when we first opened our doors.  Back then, Kendra and I would run to get the phone, racing to get there first!  Now we are blessed with an abundance of calls, often get a second call while we’re on the first…  often while there is a patient getting scheduled, consulted, or students in a class. These are exciting times and we know we are privileged to be assisting you in achieving sleep, wellness, and a pain-free existence.

I am not a doctor and have no medical training – nor do I pretend to on TV.  

Often when people come to see us, we can see where they hurt.  That combined with a few questions make it easy to determine which type of products will work best and bring the fastest relief, so patients know what to go to the dispensary and purchase or what to learn to make. However, there is much that needs to be considered, most especially other drugs patients may be taking.

Three types of prescriptions come up very often:  pain pills, blood pressure pills, and prescriptions taken for sleep.

Pain medication is enhanced by Cannabis meaning that less is more. You are able to take fewer pain pills and get more relief thus lowering the amount of damage you are doing to your body while trying to gain relief.  This is important knowledge to share in an effort to prevent accidental overdosing of prescription poison.  Blood pressure is brought to perfect when you take three CannaCaps a day.  No kidding, no nothing, just do it and you will be amazed.  The important thing to keep in mind is:  you will need to take your blood pressure regularly so you can be weaned off of the blood pressure medication (the horrible side effects they have are many).

Prescription drugs and Blood pressure problems can bring problems with the love life. Long story made short?  (Well that’s about the pun of the century!)  Take three capsules a day.  Problem solved?  I realize I could and should write an entire blog on this topic, but that’s really about the size of it. Bringing your body to homeostasis is easy and makes all systems run as designed.  The numbers reflected on your lab results will be right up the middle.  If you have an enlarged prostate and you want to hurry healing along, Cannabis Suppositories are your best treatment option. If I had high blood pressure, I would micro dose during the day and take a dose of Cannabis Oil Concentrate at night.  Food, liquid, and liquor intake is always the other “first” consideration when looking at symptoms and conditions.

Patients who  have been on sleep modification pills of any sort will likely have side effects for at least a week or two (sometimes longer). You have to be patient! You didn’t get where you are in just a week or so, it took years. Healing will come, those pills you were on are toxic, it will take a minute. Flushing your system might be a good idea.

Learn how to make the medicine you need. How? Get educated! Attend our events, schedule a consultation or doctors visit by calling 541-981-2620 or clicking here . We need your support to continue marching forward and to keep the Patients OMMP safe and alive. It is important that you contact the OMMP and let them know you do not want the Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC) to control your medicine. Email:

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