Dear Canna Kitchen,

I would like to thank you sincerely for one product in particular—your suppositories. Suppositories from your Kitchen are the only thing to really touch my severe neck and back pain. They are real medicine! Often I suggest to patients they try a few. Most of the time, I get weird looks, and they continue with a flower purchase. Well, I can say from experience, those folks are the difference between “patients” and “Patients.” For pain control, there is nothing better than a suppository, and if you’re in pain—real pain—using one shouldn’t be an issue. I’ve tried other suppos from other folks, and they don’t really do the job that the ones from Canna Kitchen do. You have a wonderful product, wonderful employees, and a wonderful business model. I would strongly encourage all real patients to try a suppository! They’re great.

Usually I’ll insert one and get comfy for about 20 minutes until it starts to work. When it hits, I don’t really notice the pain relief when it happens—I just kind of notice it when it comes back, after the suppository has worked its course. Kinda a, “Oh, wait…wasn’t I supposed to be in pain?” sort of deal. I’ve never experienced “couch lock” through edibles, smoking or vaping, but I sure do with the suppository. Back when I smoked cigarettes, I didn’t even want to get up to go do that, which is saying a lot! Anyway, it’s a very total body high, very relaxing, and very pain-relieving. I wouldn’t say I get “party high” from suppositories, but that doesn’t really matter. What I get is pain relief—and that’s why the folks at Canna Kitchen can truly call their product Medicine.

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