I wanted to pass on to others,who may be struggling to try your suppositories.  I, too, was a bit leary on trying these. I am a 60 year old man with 5 blown out disks in my back, arthritis throughout my body and over all. I have had a total of 29 surgeries. I have tried several of your capsules with good results. I prefer to get pain relief without getting high. I tried your low dose suppositories with good results in relieving my pain and not getting high. I resently tried your higher doseage suppositories due to a higher amount of pain throughout my body. WOW, these worked very well. I got great pain relief with in about 20 to 30 minutes without getting high as well I got 4 hours of some quality sleep. I would highly recommend people with a lot of pain to at least give these a try. I know I was no fan of the idea of using a suppository. I am now a strong supporter of these. The relief I receive without getting the THC high is amazing. I thank you for working with me on your various capsules to find the ones that work best for me. You and Laura have been a tremendous help and have helped me reduce my narcotic needs in half and I am weaning myself off of these (thank goodness as I know how addicting they are and how bad they are for the body). Also on a side note, after getting the recent crud that was going around, Laura helped me figure out some capsules you make and a tincture to use that drastically reduced the symptoms. Thanks for spending the time and all your help, support, sharing your knowledge and advice. You and your knowledgeable staff are a real help and pleasure to work with. Peace, Love and Hugs Larry

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