We were approved by the jury … thus accepted to be a vendor at the first ever Mid-Valley Market where they were “showcasing NW Artisans”. The event, held at the Linn County Fair & Expo, was an Artisan Fair where everything had to be home grown or home made. We were not allowed to have any products with THC in them, so we shared information, and lots of it. What a blast! We were able to make eye contact with nearly every person walking through which lead to giving out a couple hundred business cards and lots of other information. If I had to guess, I would say we are the first Cannabis business to have ever been juried in at an event at that venue. We feel very honored and did the industry proud.

There are still many misinformed people out there; the three most vocal were a retired policeman, a teacher, and a woman who “works in the medical profession”. We simply asked them to learn more and bade them a great day and moved on. The very elderly were gracious and many accepted our information with the promise of reading it at home. Did I mention that our newest customer is 90 years old and our oldest one is 95?

Due to the numerous events going on in and around the area, there was less of a crowd than hoped for. The dates for next year will be earlier in the year; 5 & 6 April is what they put out today. It is subject to change, of course. We plan to be there again and hope you’ll join the crowd!

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