Have we got the perfect pipe for you!  We have a few that we think are rather perfect, and this one in particular happens to be named The PerfectPipe.  For those who like their smoke filtered, this is absolutely for you!  At our low introductory price of just $8, you get the pipe with courtesy caps, 50 filters, and the tool for easy filter changes.  These are from an Oregon company and Made in USA! We carry all the replacement parts as well.  Five-packs of the pipe are available for just $25 and includes five pipes w/screens, 2 courtesy caps, 1 PerfectPipe tool, extra stainless steel screens, and 5 bonus filters – what a deal for only $25!

The product maker is looking for a volunteer who will smoke using ONLY The PerfectPipe for a month, are you interested in being a part of this study?  That means no other pipes, vapes, joints, etc.  Let me know!

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