PictureMonday, it is likely there will be a vote on the future of Albany’s Canna Kitchen in our current location and three voices hold those votes. I don’t know if they hold the vote of their constituents, but at this point, they say “no” they do not want Cannabis businesses in this city. And if they all three say no then it will be up to the mayor and she said that if a decision can’t be reached she will revisit the moratorium issue with a yes vote on it this time. I have called all three of them and asked to discuss this, and two have not returned my calls. Why? Do you live in Ward One or Ward Three? Do you recognize the names Floyd Collins, Bessie Johnson, and Rich Kellum? Call, email, and show up at the meeting on Monday April 21st at 4 PM and let them know that you vote (and remember to do so in November!).
But wait a minute, the mayor is the tie-breaking vote. So instead of breaking the tie she’s going to go back and re-vote on a moratorium?? Wow, I know the reply to that, and it would be, “That’s Politics!” It’s not an acceptable answer, but it’s the answer. Politics in such a nice little community. Is that the way that’s supposed to work?

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