When products are added to the menu, I utilize Leafly to easily list conditions helped and “how it will make you feel”.  Capsule-wise, we currently have 26 different strengths and at least 6 different strains of capsules that are made from Cannabis strains not currently available in Albany.  I didn’t take the time to check the smokable flower strains to see how many we have exclusively for now.  We will soon have Jamaican Dream capsules … those will be a hit, too, I am sure of it!

We don’t advertise on Leafly for two reasons … One being that it costs $500 a month for the basic package, and two – I don’t want our products to sell out too quickly!  Feel free to tell a friend and all that, and we do have an ad on KLOO FM and their streaming radio as well … but I am afraid of how busy we would get if we were to advertise there. What do you think about that? A dear fellow dispensary owner told me that it pays for itself in no time at all, but again I’m afraid of being all sold out.

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