I am pleased to announce that Dr Vaughn and I were able to get the 2017 clinic schedule made and published yesterday.  We will hold our clinics on the first Tuesday and the third Saturday of each month.  The state allows patients to have the doctor sign their renewal forms no more than 90 days in advance, so if you wish to have continuous availability of Smokeless Cannabis Remedies, you will want to do it in advance to give the state plenty of processing time.

The following clinics are scheduled and have seats available:

December 10 and 19
January 3 and 21
February 7 and 18
March 7 and 18
April 4 and 18
May 2 and 20
June 6 and 17

When scheduling you will need to pay the $50 deposit and sign a “Release of Information” (ROI).  You will pay the remaining $100 balance at the time of clinic.  If you have not seen your doctor in the past year or two, you will need an extended visit which is a total of $265 (otherwise the total doctor’s fees are $150).  Remember, there are also fees to the state, depending on your situation.  Their fees range from $20 to $400.  Please call for more information, our number is 541-981-2620, leave a message if we are unavailable.

Now for the sale information.  Please note … there may be some time of our products not being available due to licensing and testing requirements.  I am suggesting that you buy what you can.  We are out of our famous Super Salve with DMSO … I am just sick about that.

I have a number of products that I must get sold by December 31, 2016 or I will have to get them re-tested at a substantial cost. Those products that I have an abundance of, I am selling at 25% off when you buy 10 or more capsules of the same kind, and crazy low prices on ounces of Cannabis sugarleaf (as low as $20/oz for sugarleaf and $65 an oz for budlets).  These are amazing products, you want to shop while the selection is best!  Check out our menu at  www.mmjmenu.com/gramsterdam  

As time allows I will update the menu to show which ones are on sale.  The highest numbered ones, such as 16-120 are, for example.  There are a number of Blackberry/Jamaican Dream/Granddaddy purple caps that are on sale as well … and the 16-43 Heavy Duty Fruity Happy Pain Caps are just $1.50 instead of $2.

All glass and ceramics are 20% off or more, save $2 for every 10 you spend!!  Disposable vape pens are on sale, as are several other menu items.  Tie dye is on sale as well!!

Looking forward to seeing you soon, current customers are able to order online.  Please allow us time to prepare your order.

PS.  Remember to bring in your state approved child-proof bag!

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