If you know me, you’ll know that I would never lead you astray.  I might show you how to have a damned good time, but never lead you astray …
This here is all about getting you well, or at the very least to a more comfortable state.

My son-in-law thinks I am a bit over-exuberant in often suggesting that people use the Cannabis Suppositories for what ails them … but I trust that deep down he know’s I’m right!  Time will tell …

Today’s post is about anxiety.  I’ve had two patients come to me recently who are suffering “over the top” from anxiety.  This time I’m not recommending the suppositories, this time I’m recommending a soak in the tub with our bath salts, or even better yet, a soak in a Sitz Bath. Why a Sitz Bath?  Well, because according to research, the scrotum and vaginal area are the places that absorb the fastest and best – naturally. No smoking, no pills, no insertion of the rounded end… just sit for 10 or 15 minutes and let the bath salts and water do the work.  I was way ahead of my time when we made “personal lube” three years ago, now wasn’t I?  The bath salts we have on hand tested at 27.83 mg CBD per ounce, 18.46 mg
CBG per ounce, 21.3 mg CBC per ounce, and a mere 4.54 mg THC.

​CBD is good for pretty much everything but especially pain. CBG is the best for anxiety, and CBC is known for it’s ability to stop neuropathic pain.  This is what  you want to try.  Everyone who has used them in a bath agrees that it is an amazing, relaxing experience.

I have ordered in some of the Sitz Baths and expect them to arrive before the end of the week – what are you waiting for?  Today we are even featuring the  bath salts in our “Deal of the Day” at Gramsterdam – when you buy a bar of medicated bath soap, you get the bath salts free.

We are so blessed… and so are you!  See you soon.

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