I spoke with Margaret at the Dispensary Licensing agency April 1st … and, it’s not a joke! They sent our provisional license out on Friday … to our PO Box in Albany, OR … with zip 97323.  Where the heck did they get that idea?  I verified my receipt, and yes I did enter my name, address, and zip correctly as 97321 when I hit that magical button at 08:35:13 AM PST, 3 March 2014, 25 minutes before my alarm should have gone off.

I know what Mother says, and as usual she’s right.  “It’s hard to get good help!”  I say … I paid $4000 for this? If that had been the *REAL* license, and the City Council had stayed away from this as they said they were going to in February, that would have been expensive having to wait from Saturday until tomorrow to have it in hand.

As of now, we continue to wait until the City Council meeting on next Wednesday, April 7 before we move forward at all.  The important meeting for people to show up at is April 5th at 4 PM, Albany City Hall, to speak up as to why we should have safe access in Albany.  Or why we don’t want to spend our $4 per gallon gas driving to Corvallis when businesses are here and others are willing to open here in Albany.  Or Who we will or won’t be voting for.  They do not want to hear about your illness.  They have told us this repeatedly.  Please tell them you want to continue having your Cannabis processed here, or at least get Smokeless Cannabis Remedies from us if that is your plan.  Thank you!

It is of utmost importance is for those with Ward III addresses to show up .  You have 2-nay sayers in your ward, and you need to let them know you will most certainly be voting this Fall (and then do it!)

At Albany’s Canna Kitchen & Research, LLC, we will be giving 10% off when customers come in with their signed/sealed ballot this Fall, and likely all elections forthcoming.

Thank you for your support!

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