We’re beginning to get our products out to the dispensaries … and boy are they ever catching on! It has been pretty awesome to watch the sales climb exponentially each week. 2nd Step Dispensary in Salem has really wowed us with their sales on the 10% THC capsules. Those capsules … are the same blend that I used for pain when I had my extreme dental surgery (two different times). Let me tell you … it’s pretty amazing to be out of pain yet still able to function while taking two capsules every four hours and having no need at all for pharmaceuticals.

So currently our products are at Going Green Albany, Going Green West, 2nd Step Dispensary, Eugene Cannabliss, Healing Green MMD, Cherry City Compassion Center, and maybe even more – who knows!

Lots more going on, I am working on getting my writing hand going on again… prayers are always appreciated!

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