Your Linn County Commissioners obviously didn’t hear you if you told them that safe access to Medical Cannabis in Linn County is important to you.  I would certainly think that if there had been 100 of their constituents looking them in the eye today it would have been a bit more difficult for them to say, “Go to Corvallis to get your medicine…”  It was pretty easy for them with fewer than 15 showing up in opposition.  I was embarrassed at the emptiness of the room.  I honestly thought that they would have to move the hearing to a courtroom for lack of standing room.  Oh no, it was quite the opposite, they practically could have held court in there in addition to adopting the moratorium.

To say that the number of people at the Public Hearing at the Linn County Commissioners Meeting this morning was disappointing would be quite the understatement.  I am appalled at the apathy.  Do you not care that you will have to drive, at a minimum, to Corvallis to lawfully get your Cannabis and perhaps even Smokeless Cannabis Remedies?  Maybe remedies from Albany’s Canna Kitchen won’t be available any more after the city leaders hold their work session Monday, who knows.  Who cares? I’d like to hear if you do, and what do you intend to do to preserve that right and ability?  We may have some ideas.

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