I do, that’s who! Last year the doctor was so rude and belittling I fired him and moved on. This year I was blessed to see Dr Sooyun Chum at the Corvallis Surgery Center. She was a dream come true, as were her nurses and anesthesiologist. Here’s my story – if you have a minute, please read it. If you like … you can read just the last paragraph and get the skinny on today, but if you’d like a reasonably quick overview of the last 4 years, it’s here, too. Either way, thanks for stopping by, please tell a friend, and many even hit the “Like” button on here somewhere.

In 2011 when I turned 50 I went for my first colonoscopy because I have immediate relatives who had polyps, and they display familial tendencies. Soooo my first round 24 of those pesky little things were removed. Hmmm! That kind of made me wonder. As directed, I went back 6 months later and there were 10 more which were removed. This time, however, the doctor nearly perforated my bowel as he dug around removing the polyp that was a big, flat one on a curve (and a kind the doctor today told me “never turns into cancer”).

Due to severe pain when I came out of the procedure, I had to be rushed in for an ultrasound to see if he had perforated the bowel, and if so, I would have had to go in for reconstruction surgery. All at my cost, of course. Thankfully, he hadn’t but it was all very painful and scary – and I was not allowed to eat “anything healthy” for a week. Dr Morse said the reason for that was ‘this patch the size of a fifty cent piece needed to heal, and good food with seeds and whatnot, would get caught up in it and cause infection’.

A year later I went back to have it looked at again as my bowels weren’t moving as they should be and there were 10 more. Because he had hurt me in the procedure, I only allowed a visual and no cutting to be performed. As I said, it was a year later and there were 10 more. Hmmm. The time before in 6 months there were 12, this time in a year there were 10; twice as long and 2 fewer! I had begun using a lot of Smokeless Cannabis Remedies, capsules mostly as that is what I knew the best. I also started taking a tablespoon of Bragg’s Organic Vinegar in a glass of water first thing in the morning and last thing at night.

Last year, I went back and let him do the look again. I had added CannaSupps from Albany’s Canna Kitchen to my regimen and wanted to know how things were going. They are just the “sleep dose”, nothing super strong. Dr Morse got REALLY belligerent and forceful with me (worst yet) and I got real honest with him. I told him he physically and mentally hurt me very much (PTSD) the first time he performed the procedure, so he would not be doing that again. He did not want to hear that. I was only interested in knowing what was going on in there, not in having him cut on me and perhaps have something go askew and cause more damage. He didn’t want to hear that, either. He again did as I asked – and lo and behold, not only were there no additional polyps, the ones that were there had not grown! He insisted, “what you are doing is not working!”

Really? There aren’t any new ones and the ones that are there have not grown, but what I’m doing isn’t working?

So today, I go to my colonoscopy. I had intended to call and tell them that this would be exploratory only, no chop-chop. It was the craziest thing, I didn’t even talk to a doctor prior to today’s appointment, I just called my PCP and told them I’d like a referral and it went straight to surgery stage, without the doctor visit. I did let the receptionist know, who passed the word on what my preference was, she had never heard of such a thing, so she went and got help. Initially the RN was a little stern with me – but I just explained and breezed on past that to the also lovely Dr Chun, who counseled me on her opinion, but did understand and go forth and respected my wishes. Much to my pleasure, there were 3 fewer polyps, and none of the remaining had grown. This is working, I’m going to up my dose! (Yep, “Up mine!”)

Blessings be, love and hugs to all,

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