Suppositories are a great way to dose Cannabis for many reasons. I do hope you’ll hear me out. Most people’s initial reaction is, “NO WAY” but once they think about it, or try them, they change their attitude toward them.

For those who are suffering from nausea and vomiting are the first people who come to mind as perfect candidates for suppositories … next are those who are suffering from prostate issues. Prostate issues are typically either because they are enlarged (inflamed) or have cancer – Cannabis is the answer to either problem, and suppositories get the oil closest to the problem area fastest. Winning! Enlarged prostates are usually dealt with in about 2 – 3 weeks and you’re sleeping through the night. Imagine that.

How do they work? The cannabinoids are quickly absorbed into the bloodstream via the anal canal walls and go to the liver via the portal vein. Best thing ever! In the liver, it’s not getting metabolized as it does when you ingest it (when it gets metabolized, you get high). Because it’s not getting metabolized… you don’t get high when you use them, so you are able to function normally! Hello!

Now, because it is processed differently, it may not work for all concerns. I have heard that it is not an effective treatment for brain cancer when used rectally. Is that because most people who use Cannabis HAVE already pulled their head out?!!

Remember, if you are taking pharmaceuticals alongside Smokeless Cannabis Remedies, you will likely need to have your doctor reduce your prescriptions. Canna caps enhance the prescription medication making them work ‘better’ than intended, therefore you need less pain medication, for example.

Questions? Please call and make an appointment to get them answered. Our number remains 541-981-2620 … blessings!

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