Grandma should go smokeless! (Edited) 10/4/2012 0 Comments Picture YES on Measure 80 is the message we are working to get to our senior population. We are doing so by talking to them, as well as promoting the edu-mercial, “Should Grandma Smoke Pot”. We are scheduled to show it on October 19th, from 2 -3 p.m., at the Albany Senior Center, Albany, Oregon. *Edit* We are ALSO scheduled to have a presentation/discussion on Measure 80 by Jennifer Alexander on Monday, October 22, 2012 from 1-3 pm at the Lebanon Senior Center, 80 Tangent St., Lebanon, Oregon. We hope to have lots of undecided voters who would like to know why they should VOTE YES ON MEASURE 80 in Oregon. Jennifer has the answers to the questions. We will again be discussing smokeless cannabis remedies with our guests, and showing the edu-mercial, “Should Grandma Smoke Pot” which was produced by The Silver Tour. Time permitting, we will show the 13 minute film, “Hemp for Victory” which was produced by our very own government in 1943, urging farmers to grow industrial hemp. Well, here we are again, urging you to vote yes, so you can grow hemp! Tell everyone you know and ask them to share the word as well – let’s get our voting population educated! As to the smokeless remedies … “Grandma” and “Grandpa” will love them! Our favorite topical, “Super Salve”, stops the deep pain of arthritis practically instantly when applied to the skin and lasts for hours. We make capsules in strengths from “zero” to “weekenders” that will provide relief from most any ailment or condition, as well as tinctures and liniments. The possibilities are endless! Imagine being pain-free, smoke-free, and un-altered by a non-addictive substance that has no negative side effects. “VOTE YES ON MEASURE 80!” and come see us at Albany’s Canna Kitchen & Research, LLC! 0 Comments Wanted: Alzheimer’s and Neuropathy Sufferers 9/18/2012 1 Comment We keep hearing the merits of cannabis for Alzheimer’s disease and wish to have some (patient) cardholders try smokeless remedies. Patient feedback required. Are you or someone you know interested? Call and make an appointment at 541-981-2620. First five to schedule receive 20% off first package of capsule samples (subject to validation of OMMP card, as always). We already know the benefits of cannabis for neuropathy, and we’d like you to enjoy them! Do your feet burn? Silly question: would you like that to stop? We make topical canna products that will put a stop to the burn of neuropathy. You have not had relief like this, your feet will love you! Capsule and tincture relief available as well. When are you coming in? Call to reserve an appointment! … next month 1 Comment Would you like to try a vaporizer? 9/15/2012 0 Comments There are numerous styles of vaporizers, and we happen to have four different ones that we can personally show you and discuss the merits of. Are you interested in trying them? We’ve added them to our “lending library”. Bring your cannabis in to be converted to a smokeless remedy and borrow from our library while your medicine is being made. The 7 – 10 days you have should give you time to determine if the product is something you might wish to pursue. Call and make your appointment now, you’ll be glad you did! 541-981-2620. 0 Comments Cannabis books and movies to lend 8/28/2012 0 Comments We currently have over a dozen quality cannabis books and movies that we are willing to “sign out” to members while their remedy is being prepared. Because most remedies take up to ten days to prepare, you have plenty of time to peruse the book or movie. You return the book/movie when you pick up your remedy, or for a small fee with a deposit, you may rent it for longer. Interested? Call for an appointment and come see our selection. 0 Comments Reggae Expectations … A Most Positive Outcome! 8/13/2012 0 Comments It will be more than a week before I’m caught up … but yes… what a most positive outcome Reggae was! More to follow, for sure! 0 Comments Would you like to read this book? It covers “How to Prepare for Your Medical Cannabis Journey” 8/4/2012 2 Comments Picture At Albany’s Canna Kitchen & Research, LLC we are starting a new “perk” for members when they place orders. Beginning Tuesday, August 14, 2012, ACK&R members will be able to borrow a book or DVD from our collection while their order is processing. Not only does it allow you to become more educated, it allows you to preview a book before purchasing it. There are a couple of books that cannot be taken from the site, but you will be able to view here and decide if you would like to pursue obtaining a copy. Your comments? 2 Comments Cannabis … It’s Not Just for Smoking Anymore! 7/21/2012 2 Comments I am able to see some questions in the search engine … so I’ll answer what I can! “How much does cannabis salve cost?” Our Canna-Salve comes in several sizes and types – costs start as low as $7 and go as high as $91 for 8 ounces of Super Salve. The cost is based on numerous factors, but never the price of Cannabis! Your bring your own, or if we have abundance we are able to give it to you. “OMMP for Eczema” is the next question. Yes, we make a salve to treat it. Recently a patient used our eczema remedy who had been going to a “well known hospital in the PNW” since she was a child. She had endured every cortisone cream there is, and our remedy turned her condition around in a day. You want this. “Cannabis salve for arthritis”. Our salve is the BOMB for arthritic pain! We have several blends, let us know which one works best for you. Again, starts at $7 and goes as high as $91 depending on size and other factors. “Is back pain a qualification for getting…” Yes! SEVERE pain (not chronic pain) is a qualifying condition. Make that severe pain anywhere, not just in the back. It’s your lucky day; we make fantastic capsules and salves that will get you past that severe pain. Back pain often needs THC, especially if the pain is from “bone on bone” or bulging discs. If that is your case, you will want the stronger capsules and salve made. You will be amazed at what these remedies will do for you! 2 Comments Dr Bob Responded! 7/20/2012 0 Comments I am feeling very honored today. Yesterday I stepped out of my comfort zone and emailed Dr Robert Melamede (aka Dr Bob). I asked if he knows of any doctors in Oregon that might be interested in performing oversight of Cannabis research. If you’ve watched any of the documentaries we have screened at Albany’s Canna Kitchen, you will recognize him in a minute, he has been instrumental in Medical Cannabis research. I always enjoy listening to what he has to say, he has a smile on his face and in his voice as he speaks – Cannabis research is obviously his passion. Click HERE to view a short video filmed in 2006 of him speaking about Cannabis and cancer – (Opens new window). Although Dr Bob was unable to provide the name of a doctor in Oregon who would like to provide oversight, I am more than impressed that he took the time to write back and say, “sorry, no”. That really made my day. I stood there and stared at my “inbox” for a minute before I opened the email … hoping above hope that he would provide the answer that I really wanted – but then again, perhaps it’s just not time for that yet. My personal physician would like to help us, but is constrained by her employer. Perhaps when she semi-retires she can. God always provides, this much I know! 0 Comments Can-Cer 7/19/2012 0 Comments With the CAN- from CANnabis for our EndoCANnabinoid system that runs our bodies, we run smoothly. We have no illness, we maintain a healthy weight, and we accomplish much. When you take it away, or use chemicals that suppress the Endocannabinoid system, you get can-CER. I looked up the word CER and learned that CER is the Greek Goddess of Violent Death. Hmmmm… Remove the Can and get the Cer. No thanks! 0 Comments Can’t afford capsules? Let’s talk! 7/15/2012 0 Comments At Albany’s Canna Kitchen & Research, LLC (ACK&R) our goal is for you to be well and pain-free. We have heard that some of our patients are having difficulties coming up with $62 for 100 capsules. We have an alternative! If you are interested in having your medicine converted but need it at a less expensive price, please call or come in and talk to us about it, we have a couple alternatives in mind. Remember, appointments are most preferred, please call 541-981-2620 and make yours now. We’re looking forward to hearing from you. 0 Comments Pricing Considerations, new products and offerings, latest OMMP statistics, and … a special on sunburn oil!