What about the Children? By Rhea Graham

Parents are told there aren’t enough studies on “cannabis use in children”, so some doctors say they are unable to authorize it for treatment. There is ample proof that prescription drugs are causing horrible side effects – yet they are still prescribed daily. Why are we allowing this to continue? Those side effects and the behaviors the drugs are being prescribed for are no joke! Ask the 5 year old who was ejected from his new preschool on his 2nd day and told to never come back. He was all jacked up on guanfacine; you don’t want to hear what he was yelling as he kicked and destroyed the walls.

That same little boy tried a home remedy and was like a different person. His grandmother would tell you that, “it was as if he was possessed by a demon” while on those pills for a few days; yet when he was on an all natural remedy, he was the nicest, happiest little boy in town. He was able to focus and willingly completed tasks. He functioned as a normal little boy. During the day his behaviors were clearly improved and at night he was able to go to bed and sleep well through the night.

When the pediatric patient was suffering and not sleeping well, the doctor next prescribed Clonidine. Are you familiar? It’s primarily used for treating high blood pressure, but also used for ADHD. It is not FDA-approved for insomnia … and for ADHD in children 6 and up… but the doctor prescribed it to a 5 year old when the parent or guardian took him in with sleeping difficulties? What about studies done on children?! There is 10,000 years of documented Cannabis use with no deaths by overdose, EVER. Clonidine is on the list of “one pill to kill” shall we talk about Cannabis again?!

We’ve all heard “my body my choice” when women choose to terminate a life, when are we going to hear “my child, my choice”? Why on Earth are we allowing an institution to determine that poison is ok? Why are we allowing them to poison us and our children to death? Wake up, America, this has gone too far!

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