Now I’m retiring By Rhea Graham

It’s time! I’m moving to the sunshine to live out the rest of my days. Currently, I don’t know what will happen with Albany’s Canna Kitchen & Research (ACK&R) or the ACKR Clinic, those details need to be hashed out. We are about to begin talks with those who have expressed an interest in keeping this lovely place alive. I do hope that comes to fruition, but either way, I am retiring!

This has all come together very quickly and smoothly. My daughter Kendra and I went to visit her brother and his family in Arizona; we asked about moving a couple of hours from them to not be intrusive and they suggested we move to their town instead! “Sold!” We found a place for me and then one for Kendra and her fur babies, and now we’re cleaning and packing and making it all come together. God is so good!

Those of you who donated to the healing center effort, I have your money and will return it as promised. The ACKR Canna-it-ALL Healing-Life Center will not open in Albany but may in Arizona. We are moving to Graham County; they have opened their arms wide, both to us and the idea of a Healing Center. It is simply beautiful and exciting, the reception we have received.

In the meantime, those who have me listed me as their caregiver will have an opportunity to stock up on products for the duration of their card before I leave the area, and those who never made that appointment to come see me will be left wanting. It is so difficult for me to see people hurting and not helping them, so this retirement thing is going to be a little bit challenging, most especially since I’m moving to a senior community!

I am hopeful for the next incarnation of Albany’s Canna Kitchen & Research, LLC. She has rolled with the punches for nearly 12 years now, change is the only constant we know. When it happens, please support the new owners even more than you have us, the community needs this service to continue.

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