Did you save your Organic Cannabis Roots? By Rhea Graham

The Cannabis plant is medicinal from the root to the flower tops. While the flowers are prized for their ability to get one high, the root is noted for pain relief and wellness. The ‘green’ part of the plant has numerous Cannabinoids, the root has mainly triterpenes and only trace amounts of Cannabinoids.

Cannabis root has been said to rid a person of cancer, but we haven’t tried it for that at Albany’s Canna Kitchen & Research. Our patients have found it to be an amazing remedy to use for pain, most especially nerve pain such as neuropathy. It puts an end to the horrific burning pain instantly, allowing you to get on with your day or to go to sleep whatever the case may be.

Preparing the root is lot of work, but it’s effort well spent. At harvest, dig your root out and knock as much of the dirt off as you can. Set it aside and let the soil all dry so it will come off even easier. You’re going to be preoccupied with the leaf and flower, so the root can sit for a minute. Don’t leave it in the ground though, it will rot.

Once you’re at a stopping point from dealing with the rest of the plant, “get back to your roots!” A water source with good pressure and a hose-end sprayer work well. Warm water feels better on the hands, but don’t clog your sink with the silt if cleaning the roots indoors. I spray as much as possible off, then use an abrasive pad to get the soil off the larger roots, then let soak a bit and spray some more. Once they are nice and clean, I put them in a Ziploc bag in the freezer until I’m ready to process and use them.

The next steps of preparation are taught in classes. I have gleaned this information from more than 10 years of study and hands on research with patients. You can truly get rid of pain yet, not get high, imagine that!

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  • Would like to learn more about processing the root after cleaning. My wife has neuropathy in her feet….

    • Salve made from the root of the Cannabis plant brings instant relief to neuropathy! I look forward to her getting relief! Do you make salves now?


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