Helping your Elders by Rhea Graham

Your elders probably don’t want to get high, but they’d sure like a good night of sleep and for that arthritic pain to be gone! Are you aware that there are Smokeless Cannabis Remedies that will do just the trick? Often times some salve can stop the Restless Legs or neuropathy that can keep one awake all night. It can be that simple to get rid of the problem.

Some may have a need to take Cannabis by mouth or rectally to deal with their pain or sleep issues, but no one ever needs to smoke it – unless they want to. Smoking Cannabis does make it work the fastest, but it only makes you forget that you have pain, or not care that you have pain. Applying the products topically or taking Cannabis internally works completely different on the pain receptors.

There are those who can’t go to sleep, those who can’t stay asleep, and those who can’t go back to sleep after they have to get up to use the restroom or get awakened. There is a remedy for each situation and they all work well. They can be made at home if you choose to. What works best for the conditions listed? An elixir works fast to help one doze off. It can be made in a glycerin or other non-alcoholic carrier and can be made quite strong so only a small dose is needed.

Staying asleep is best achieved using a sleep capsule. The cannabis is working in your body all night as you sleep. If you wake up in the night, depending on your dose, you may feel a little “high”, you will sleep it off, no worries. If you are still groggy in the morning instead of waking refreshed, your dose is higher than needed.

Cannabis suppositories are the ticket to getting to sleep, staying asleep, and getting back to sleep once awakened. I know it sounds crazy, “sticking pot in your fanny”, BUT it is one of the best routes of administration. Patients typically don’t get high but sleep better than ever before.

To discover what will work best for you or your loved one, reach out to us at 541-981-2620 and schedule a consultation. Cost is $40 and it takes an hour; this will be the best time and money you’ve spent in awhile.

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