The American Hemp News … NW Edition May/June 2013 5/24/2013 1 Comment Have you picked up your copy of the Premier Issue yet? We’re the Featured Advertiser this issue and have a few copies to share so be sure to come in and get yours! 1 Comment The first ever Mid-Valley Market 5/6/2013 0 Comments Picture We were approved by the jury … thus accepted to be a vendor at the first ever Mid-Valley Market where they were “showcasing NW Artisans”. The event, held at the Linn County Fair & Expo, was an Artisan Fair where everything had to be home grown or home made. We were not allowed to have any products with THC in them, so we shared information, and lots of it. What a blast! We were able to make eye contact with nearly every person walking through which lead to giving out a couple hundred business cards and lots of other information. If I had to guess, I would say we are the first Cannabis business to have ever been juried in at an event at that venue. We feel very honored and did the industry proud. There are still many misinformed people out there; the three most vocal were a retired policeman, a teacher, and a woman who “works in the medical profession”. We simply asked them to learn more and bade them a great day and moved on. The very elderly were gracious and many accepted our information with the promise of reading it at home. Did I mention that our newest customer is 90 years old and our oldest one is 95? Due to the numerous events going on in and around the area, there was less of a crowd than hoped for. The dates for next year will be earlier in the year; 5 & 6 April is what they put out today. It is subject to change, of course. We plan to be there again and hope you’ll join the crowd! 0 Comments Growers Now Seeking Patients! 5/1/2013 0 Comments Picture We have two growers who are actively seeking patients. If you are a new patient looking for a grower, or if you are looking for a new grower, call and make an appointment to learn more: 541-981-2620. We can make it quite simple to have your Smokeless Cannabis Remedies made monthly – what are you waiting for? Remember we will be closed this Saturday, May 4th, 2013 as we will be at the Linn-County Fair & Expo for the Mid-Valley Market “Showcasing NW Artisans”. We’re excited and look forward to seeing you there! We do have coupons for $1 off the price of admission for those who are able to come get them before Saturday. 0 Comments 420 Special Extended to 4/27/13 4/26/2013 0 Comments Picture Due to our inability to have the shop open on 4/20, we have extended our 4/20 specials through this Saturday 4/27… it didn’t get posted on here, so if you came in and asked, we will extend the prices through May 1, 2013. We sincerely regret any inconvenience our closure for the day caused, and we appreciate your understanding. So – Call and come in to take advantage of our special pricing – saving up to 25% when you have your cannabis converted to a Smokeless Cannabis Remedy. (You will be so glad you did!) 20 Specials to Celebrate 420 You bring us at least 1 oz of your Cannabis and 4-20’s ($80) and we will make you one of the following selections: · 200 Capsules · 2# Organic Shortening · Pint Cooking Oil + 8 oz Salve with wax · Pint Cooking Oil + Pint of Tincture · Pint Cooking Oil + 100 Capsules · 1# Organic Shortening + 1# Organic Refined Coconut Oil · 1# Organic Shortening + 1# Double Clarified Butter · 1# Organic Shortening + 1 Pint of Tincture · 1 Pint of Tincture + 8 oz Massage Oil · 4 oz Salve w/ wax + 8 oz Massage Oil · 100 Capsules + Pint Heavy Cream · 2# Unrefined Organic Coconut Oil · 24 oz Organic Peanut Butter, no honey · 4 oz Salve w/wax + 100 Capsules · Double Clarified Butter + 4 oz Salve w/wax · 8 oz Super Salve* · 4 oz Super Salve* + 50 Capsules · Pint Tincture + 4 oz Extra Strength Massage Oil* · 4 oz Super Salve* + ½ Pint Tincture · ACKR Oil Processing*, up to 4 oz of flowers processed * indicates you must bring quality bud to have this product made. Offer valid 4/4/13 to 4/27/13, see store for details. OMMP card required for Smokeless Cannabis Remedy purchases. Vintage Kitchen and miscellaneous glass store is open to the public. Be sure and get your Better Urban Dirt while you’re here! 2300 Ferry St SW, Suite 1 – Albany, OR 97322 (541) 981-2620 0 Comments More Excitement! 4/24/2013 0 Comments We were recently informed that we will be the Featured Business in the flagship issue of the grassroots publication, “NW American Hemp News”. The first issue is scheduled to debut the first week of May. Today is the interview – I’m excited! 0 Comments We’re featured in Defending Our Patients Everywhere (D.O.P.E.) Magazine this month! 4/7/2013 1 Comment We are delighted to be the subject of Sharon Letts’, “Road Trip, In Search Of Good Medicine” in the 4/20 Issue of Defending Our Patients Everywhere (D.O.P.E.) Magazine. Click HERE to read the article. For those who may not have a lot of experience with magazines online, let me give you a bit of advice on how to read it (as taught to me by Kendra!) It’s easy, really. Across the top of the screen from left to right you will see an oval, two small squares together, arrows pointing left and right, a single page, two pages (dimmed out) and an X in a white circle. For easiest reading, click on the single page and you’ll be at the start of the article. Your up and down arrows will navigate the page, or you may use their arrow at the bottom of the page. We are hoping to have print copies available in the shop soon. Many thanks to Sharon Letts writing such a delightful article, and to D.O.P.E. Magazine for publishing it. To go to our HOME page, click HERE 1 Comment Don’t Believe Their 6 – 12 Month Sentence. 3/28/2013 0 Comments A year ago, a very dear 80 year old woman came through the door, pushing her walker. She seemed somewhat defeated, understandably, having been diagnosed with late-stage lung cancer and being told she had 6-12 months to live. She wanted us to “keep her comfortable”. She was determined she wasn’t going to spend the sunset of her life facing the ravaging effects of chemo and radiation. I could have kissed her for that. Her doctor fully understood, and even told her son that if his own mother were in her shoes, he would not treat her with surgery, chemo, and radiation either. So, during the past year, we’ve worked with this patient. Among other things we made her Cannabis Oil to take three times a day and we’ve had her do some vaporizing (trying to quell her desire to smoke as well as to douse the tumor with THC). She is unable to tolerate high doses of the oil, so she takes what she can. It’s working! Here it is a full year later and she’s very obviously healthier than she was when she got started. When I spoke to her on Tuesday, she told me she’d had her one-year follow up with the oncologist (after diagnoses) and he gave her ‘two thumbs up’ saying she is doing something right, and that he believes it’s the Cannabis. She is scheduled for an MRI – because they are curious as to the size of the tumor. Sometimes I think it’s best to just leave the MRI-ing and whatnot alone … the course of treatment will not change, is it worth the risk of another procedure? I certainly understand the curiosity factor with everyone involved – doctors, patient, family members … the treatment is controversial not only in the medical field but within families, and people would like to see how things are turning out. Myself, I believe that you can take one look at this patient and see that what she’s doing is working! She no longer needs her walker to get around all the time; she has truly “un-withered” and come back to life! The most important part of all of this is the fact that this patient has truly enjoyed a much higher quality of life than she would have if she had undergone surgery, chemo, and radiation which are the traditional treatments for those who are younger. She has also completed some quilting she wanted to get done in this lifetime, leaving some beautiful keepsakes for family members when the time comes, hopefully long in the future, for her to go home. We are so thankful to be a part of her wellness at Albany’s Canna Kitchen & Research, LLC, and so happy for her family that they are able to enjoy these days of her life with her getting healthier instead of sicker! 0 Comments “Miserable pain in the ass” 2/21/2013 0 Comments Picture Is it OK to say that on here? We have it on good accord that the anti-inflammatory properties of Cannabis makes it the ultimate treatment for hemorrhoids. It absolutely makes sense! We recently received testimony that, “One treatment with your Super-Salve and that miserable pain in the @$$ was gone!” Like this post or Like our page, we would appreciate it! 0 Comments Be Honest With Your Doctor – “It’s the Cannabis!” 2/10/2013 0 Comments Do you know why it is important to be 100% honest with your doctor about your Cannabis use? Because then, your doctor is able to see the true benefits of this plant that has been so unfairly prohibited. Perhaps, when they see it time and time again, they will stand together and say, “Hey, wait! This plant is a miracle plant that will heal everything! All we need to do is determine the strain and dose patients need and they’ll be fine. We’ll have more time to spend with our families!” Did I tell you I have big dreams and ambitions? A patient I know recently changed doctors due to a disagreement in treatment protocol. I was witness to her new doctor reviewing the patient’s bone density tests that were performed eight years apart. The bone density in the patient’s back showed marked improvement, yet the amount of walking she is doing for exercise has decreased by 80 percent. The doctor was quite taken aback! Interestingly enough, the patient’s former doctor had prescribed Fosamax after the original bone density test. At that time, the patient refused treatment after reading the side effects. (See side effects HERE) The doctor scolded her when she learned at her next physical that she had not been taking the drug. The patient began using Smokeless Cannabis Remedies about a year ago for various arthritic pain and other health issues. She takes virtually no pharmaceuticals at all, and uses salve and capsules the most. “It’s the Cannabis!” I don’t name names, but I will say this patient is over 75 years young. I’ll bet when the doctor went home Friday she thought about her, her great health, and the fact that Cannabis is likely to be what is helping her to stay so healthy, happy, and content (along with her daily mile walk and the lack of prescription medications and their side effects.) I will also speak of my personal testimonial. About six years ago I went to my doctor (NP) for my physical. She called and told me , “After reviewing your blood work, I wish everyone’s numbers were as good as yours!” The next year I went back and asked her if we could talk about “alternative treatments, such as Cannabis” and she pretty much hit the roof. She would not even discuss it. I asked her to research it some and she told me that she “would not research something that is illegal!” I reminded her that we have a fully functioning “Medical Marijuana” program in Oregon. We didn’t discuss it any further. The next year I came back … yep, same drill, “your blood work is amazing.” I tell her, “It’s the Cannabis!” She didn’t want to hear it and again wouldn’t discuss it. That was the last time I saw her. I found a doctor that would allow me to talk about my health and be honest about what I put into my body. How can they profess to be there for your health when they won’t discuss something as important as that? That, my friend, is why it is so important to be honest with your doctor. We must educate them to all the benefits since it has been taken out of their education. I know of an Operating Room Nurse who didn’t even know of the Endocannabinoid System. (My former doctor probably didn’t, either.) You should also know that due to patient-doctor confidentiality laws, it is against the law for them to discuss your Cannabis use with anyone else. Don’t just take my word for it, learn more! Smokeless Cannabis Remedies will treat “pert near anything that ails ya!” Make your appointment now to learn what you need to do to obtain your card, or, if you have your card already, come see us and discuss which remedies will most likely meet your needs. Call now, leave a message anytime: 541-981-2620. 0 Comments Cancer Treatment and Medicine for Side Effects 1/28/2013 0 Comments So, the DEA continues to say that “marijuana” has no known medical uses. Tell them it’s Cannabis we are discussing, does that change the playing field? The fact that Cannabinoids have been made synthetically to treat chemo side effects is about enough to make me angry. The FDA will promote a copy of it that is not near as good for you or as effective … but there is no medical use according to the DEA. Marinol has been out for years, and now Cesamet, aka nabilone, has been out for a few short years. From their patient resources page, I learned, “Cesamet is a medicine for nausea and vomiting caused by cancer chemotherapy. It is used when other drugs have not been able to control these symptoms. The scientific name of Cesamet is nabilone.” What I really like is the side effects, which reads, “In scientific studies, most patients who took Cesamet had at least one side effect. The most common side effects were sleepiness, dizziness, dry mouth, a “high” feeling, an uncoordinated feeling, a headache, and problems concentrating.” Have you read the side effects for most medications? Zophran, for example: “Adverse Reactions:Diarrhea, headache, fever, constipation, abdominal pain, weakness, rash, transient blindness; rare: angina, bronchospasm, anaphylaxis, seizures, ECG changes (including QT prolongation).” Anzemet is another drug used for chemo induced nausea and vomiting. Information on it includes: “Warnings/Precautions:Increased risk of developing QTc, PR and QRS interval prolongation. Avoid in patients with congenital QT syndrome, hypokalemia, hypomagnesemia, complete heart block or risk of (unless paced). Correct electrolyte imbalances prior to therapy. Monitor ECG periodically. CHF. Bradycardia. Pre-existing conduction abnormalities and underlying structural heart disease. Sick sinus syndrome. Atrial fibrillation with slow ventricular response. Recent MI. Renal impairment. Elderly. Pregnancy (Cat.B). Nursing mothers.” “Interactions:Caution with drugs which can prolong ECG intervals (eg, verapamil, flecainide, quinidine), diuretics, and with cumulative high-dose anthracycline therapy. Potentiated by cimetidine, atenolol (IV dolasetron). Antagonized by rifampin.” “Adverse Reactions:Headache, dizziness, pain, fatigue, diarrhea, bradycardia, tachycardia, ECG changes, 2nd or 3rd-degree AV block.” When are we all going to stand together and put an end to this insanity? I don’t care if you use Cannabis or not … but know that we are being led to slaughter with the chemicals that are being put in our food, air, and soil. And then to hasten our demise, they tell you chemo and radiation is what you need to treat that condition with, and that you can’t have the Cannabis that you actually need. Go figure. 0 Comments End of Life Quality of Life for Cancer Victims 12/29/2012 0 Comments You can’t put a price on ‘end of life quality of life.” When a diagnoses of a terminal illness is made, and that illness is treated with poison and deadly radiation rays, I have to shake my head and wonder what people are thinking. Why the rush to die? Why go out in THAT fashion? If the condition you have is going to kill you anyway, why would you spend the last of your days poisoning yourself? Is there anybody out there??? Hello!!! What if we changed up that whole cancer scenario and told “them” to put their scalpel away and instead go throw a few seeds in the ground. Grow your way out of cancer instead of the slash and burn method. It was medically proven in 1974 that Cannabis Kills Cancer, what are we waiting for? At today’s cancer rates, perhaps everyone should be growing their medicine before they need it, just use a “pay it forward” plan, so it’s there when you need it. Naturally, if you’ve just been diagnosed, it’s a little late to be throwing those seeds in the ground and you may need assistance in finding a provider, but – it’s doable; you don’t have to believe their, “oh my goodness, we must run you to the operating room right this second or you will die tomorrow” mentality. It is a scare tactic! “They” don’t want you to have time to educate yourself. They know you likely will not use their poison if you learn about Cannabis killing cancer. There is no money in wellness at a cancer surgeons office, remember that. There is no cure for cancer in chemicals! “They” have proven that for years! Remember, it is the chemicals giving you the cancer. Instead, let’s change the scenario and treat this villain with a plant from our Creator. Cannabis is the one that comes to mind for me, as it’s the one I’ve seen have the best results. No nausea or vomiting, no hair loss, no weight loss, and a great quality of life! As the patient builds a tolerance to the Smokeless Cannabis Remedy (SCR) they will likely sleep more than usual, which often allows healing to take place. Imagine that! Feeling good while you are told you’re facing the end of your life … and instead maybe getting well! All without the excruciating pain that is induced upon you by the surgeries, chemo and radiation. What should you do? Learn more, please! Click HERE to read a report from the National Cancer Institute (a government site) reporting that Cannabis kills cancer and doesn’t kill the healthy cells. Tell your Representatives how you feel about getting this “miracle plant” to everyone who needs it, not just those who live in the right state and are able to pay the ransom fee for the privilege of treating their illnesses with it. We do not need Obamacare as written, we need Canna-Care! Our bodies have a need for the cannabinoids; that’s a whole different topic though, for another day. In the meantime … call or email us and make your appointment to learn more about improving your health! 541-981-2620. 0 Comments Cannabis Kills Cancer, Chemo Kills People. 12/24/2012 0 Comments Picture I’m angry. My cousin Michelle didn’t have to die so young (55) and she sure as hell didn’t have to suffer the agonizing pain and misery of the barbaric medical treatment she endured. It saddens me greatly that the medical profession is still ‘practicing’ with poison. Why do they do it? There are several hundred thousand dollars in each one of those chop/chemo/radiation patients, maybe that’s why. Even if Michelle had been forced to pay for her Cannabis (some growers are able to provide it for free, some are not) the cost of her Cannabis Therapy would have been less than $2700 (two thousand seven hundred dollars), if you wish to talk dollars and cents. In terms of compassion and sense, using the Cannabis Therapy, she would have never puked, she would have kept her hair, there would have been no nausea, she would have had an appetite and a will to live. And, I’m willing to bet she would still have been here to celebrate LIFE and grandchildren with her family … much-less Christmas 2012. 0 Comments I Wish My Dental Surgery Follow-Up Was TODAY!