Quality, quantity or both? By Rhea Graham (Reprint)

What is more important to you, quality or quantity of life? Do you want to feel good while you live? I want you to feel good while you live, and I want you to live just as long as you’d like to … so I’d like for you to have both quality and quantity to your life.
The first step in quality of life is quality sleep. Cannabis can help with every sleep issue. Do you have problems going to sleep, staying asleep, or going back to sleep? Are you having to get up in the night to use the bathroom? Are you staying awake after you get up? Those are all easy fixes.
The next step in quality of life is being able to eat, but not over-eating. There are Cannabis strains and terpenes for both of those: inability to eat and insatiability. When eating, please choose the highest quality fresh food to feed your temple.
The next step in quality of life is having some energy and motivation to do the things you want and need to do. You might know… there are strains for that as well! Sativa strains help most people get up and around with a smile on their face and an attitude of gratitude. Sativa strains typically create more of a head-high so if that is a concern for you simply do not decarboxylate it all the way!
Now that we have the first three steps in place, let’s get busy working on your pain. What causes your pain, is it physical, mental or both? Can we apply a topical and get rid of it or are you going to need capsules or suppositories? What about an elixir so we can get a quick jump on it first thing in the morning?
Now what if you get a terminal illness? Are you going to poison yourself to death to get well, or love yourself to wellness? It is your right to make that choice, whichever one you do, but I hope the first thing you will look at is the quality of your life.

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